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Jane Garvey to present BBC Radio 4 appeal for Build Africa

Jane Garvey to present BBC Radio 4 appeal for Build Africa
Woman's Hour host Jane Garvey will present our appeal on 9 October 2016

Jane Garvey will be presenting a charity appeal for Build Africa on BBC Radio 4.

The award-winning broadcaster, best known for hosting iconic programme Woman’s Hour, will present the appeal on Sunday 9 October 2016 at 7.54am and again at 9.26pm.

The appeal will focus on how simple sanitary towels can enable girls in rural Africa to get a vital education.

It will support Build Africa’s work with vulnerable girls in rural communities, where a mix of poverty and cultural practices means that girls are often excluded from education. Crucially, without access to basic sanitary towels, girls can miss up to a week of school a month. Many will fall behind and eventually be forced to drop out – denying them the opportunities in life they are entitled to.

Speaking about presenting the appeal, Jane said:

“I’m so happy to support the work of Build Africa which is an organisation doing what I guess some people would think of as very unglamorous work. 

“I think what they do is really, really great, vitally important and I really hope you’ll think about helping them out as well.”

Build Africa is proud to be working with Jane, and have such a recognisable voice for women helping us to support girls’ education.

To find out more, or to support the appeal, please visit www.build-africa.org/radio

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