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  2. Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a gift in your Will

Leave a lasting legacy and help to transform lives.


Street Child believes that achieving universal basic education is the single greatest step that can be taken towards the elimination of global poverty.

A gift in your Will will help to provide children with an education in some of the world’s toughest places. It will transform schools for tomorrow, whilst empowering women and families. No matter the amount, your gift will support the long-term vision of ensuring every child receives the education they deserve.


Why leave a gift in your Will?

Since 2008, we have helped over 330,000 children to go to school and supported over 29,000 families to set up businesses so they can afford the cost of educating their children long-term. By leaving a gift in your Will you can enable this work to continue, giving children an education, and supporting their families through business.
  • Your legacy: Your Will tells the people you leave behind about the person you are. It also helps pass on your principles and the values that matter to you.
  • Your greatest gift: We all have financial commitments, which means we can’t always do as much as we’d like to help other people. A gift left in your Will is an opportunity to give more than you might ever have been able to give in your lifetime, providing comfort, care and compassion for people long into the future.


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