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Supporting Parents

When parents live in poverty, their children suffer. Without a source of income, they are unable to provide vital medicine, food and clean water, or pay school fees.

Support parents

Across sub-Saharan Africa, families are living in poverty. When you are struggling to survive, education is not a priority. School fees are expensive, and so children are forced to drop out of school and earn a living. The vicious cycle continues.

We're helping parents start their own businesses through Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs), so that they can break the cycle of poverty.

We are providing farmers and their families with the skills to grow, sell and store more food, to support their children's education.

We're also supporting young mums with life-changing literacy and numeracy skills, as well as access to valuable health and nutrition services, so they can help their children not just survive but succeed.

"I don't have to beg anymore"

Damaris and her family live in Minyalala in Kenya. She is the secretary of the local Village Savings and Loans Association.

"There has been a big difference at home since I joined the VSLA group. Previously when my children were sent from school to collect fees for exams or extra lessons they would have to stay at home until we could raise the money.

"Now we get money from the group so the children don't have to stay at home. I have chickens which I can sell. I pay school fees - the parents provide the money that the government cannot - we want our children to have the best opportunities.

"I don't have to beg from my neighbours anymore. I can even get my children to secondary school."

Help mums start their own business

Janet's Story

Janet is 21 years old. When she was just 16, she was forced to leave school and get married. Five years later, she has two daughters. She refuses to let the same happen to them.

"I struggled with my first child and was unable to care for her when she was sick. She became sick with an infection and now cannot hear - she is partially deaf", Janet recalls.

"Build Africa has been teaching me how to take care of my children - how to learn and how to change my life. They have given me advice on taking care of my children and how to generate more income.

"It is a must that I can send my children to school."

Take action by supporting mums like Janet.

*In Sub-Saharan Africa, 48.5% of the population live on less than $1.25 a day

*In sub-Saharan Africa, 28% of children are child labourers

*If a mother can read her child is 50% more likely to live past 5 years old

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