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Stories of Success

Children holding building blocks
Success stories

Success stories from some of the people we've worked with...

“This year Build Africa has helped us attend farming training at Baraka college, which has been very helpful in my farming career. I am now energized and have embarked on serious chicken farming. I am hopeful that by the end of next year I will have more than 2,000 birds. By selling more eggs I have been able to support my children who are in school and also provide for my family’s needs.”
David from Kagumu, Kenya
"Build Africa supported our school this year by providing water tanks so we can harvest rain water. We now have water for drinking, bathing and cleaning the classroom. My hygiene is improved. I can wash my hands after visiting the toilet and before eating, which protects me from illness and disease. I am also very happy for the girls, since they no longer have to miss lessons during their period. They can now keep clean during lessons, and this has made them compete with the boys.”
Emmanuel from Uganda.
“I am very pleased with the changes that I have seen since Build Africa trained our village savings and loans group. We used to be unable to grow our income, but now I have seen my savings grow, and through loans I have started owning property – which was a dream back then. I now have a piece of land and cow, which are major assets in my community. I was also recent married. I am a better dairy farmer since I attended the training which taught me how to make cow feed. I can make quality feed and I am able to increase my profits from selling milk.”
Samuel from Elburgon, Kenya
"This year I joined a Build Africa girls’ club in Kwale. I was happy to join the club and it has changed me and encouraged me to remain at school. In the club we have learned life skills, and been trained to be aware of the risks that make girls in my community to drop out of school. I have been inspired to stay at school and not to drop off like my older sisters. We are encouraged to be role models to other girls in the school. I have also noticed that the boys have changed and now respect the girls, they no longer bully us and laugh at us. The community is also appreciating girls’ education, which was not common in my village. I am happy that now I can achieve my life dream of becoming a teacher.”
Mgaza from Kenya