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Shaping young futures

Many children in rural Africa are still without classrooms, forced to study under trees. But with your generous support, this is changing! In the last year you’ve helped us build three early years’ classrooms in Masindi, so young children can focus on their learning.

Evelyn is 22 years old and is an early years teacher at a primary school in Masindi, rural Uganda. Evelyn teaches 4 and 5 year olds, and when she joined the school children were taught under a mango tree. Sadly the trees were cut down and the youngsters were exposed to rain and cold, resulting in many of them dropping out or becoming ill.

“With the three new permanent classrooms things have started to change. The number of pupils has increased to 150 this year, compared to 70 pupils before the construction.” Evelyn.

Evelyn is delighted that she is able to display learning materials for the first time and the children now have charts and pictures on the walls which bring their learning to life.

“It was tough to learn under the trees. We could be washed by rain and too much sunshine. But now we can play, read the charts and also spot shapes.”

Peter, 5 years old
Masindi, Uganda