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Keeping children safe

There are many health risks posed to children in rural Uganda by inadequate sanitation facilities at school.
Build Africa has been tackling these issues in 31 schools in Eastern Uganda and thanks to the support of our generous donors we’re proud to share that 30,817 children now have access to clean water, hand washing facilities and childfriendly toilets that have a provision for children with disabilities.
We spoke to Annet, a member of the Health Club at Kawojan Primary School, and Mula Samson, senior Education Assistant at Nanoko Primary School, about the impact his has had on learning.
"I used to miss class 3-5 days in the month while in my monthly period because there were no facilities like washroom and water to clean up. 
The school learning environment has since 2015 improved, with the provision of a borehole and life skills training to pupils, unlike before when children could walk a distance of 2 km in search for water, only 10 latrine stances was in use and no hygiene like handwashing was practiced. 
We the girls are comfortable in school and never miss any lessons because we don’t have to walk a long distance to look for water now. The knowledge learnt through training and club activities are put in practice. All girls wash hands after visiting the latrine, the compound and classrooms are kept clean. We thank Build Africa for the good working in our school that has made teachers and parents more supportive to us by providing the materials to promote good sanitation and hygiene.”
Annet, a member of the Health Club at Kawojan Primary School
"We are very happy for the project that brought us a borehole and sanitation facilities. We are able to access safe and clean water within the school unlike before when students could walk a distance of 2 kilometres to get water from the swamp which was shared by animals.
This could affect learning since children and teachers were falling sick of diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid and a lot of time was spent walking to get water hence missing classes and causing poor performance.
In 2013 our school almost closed due to inadequate sanitation facilities. There were only 5 latrine stances shared by a population of 1,370 teachers and pupils. The situation has since improved and children including teachers are enjoying learning. We now have more latrine stances and a borehole that provides water for drinking, cooking, cleaning the latrines, handwashing. Teachers are more supportive in educating children on hygiene and sanitation issues. The school administration is supportive and allocates budget to meet needs in the school like soap, pads, basins.”
Mula Samson, senior Education Assistant at Nanoko Primary School