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Busking for Build Africa

Young girl playing the violin on a bridge for Build Africa
Busking for Build Africa
Grace is a fundraiser who has, quite literally, gone that extra mile to raise money for our work. She has been playing her violin on the streets and bridges of London, enchanting and entertaining the public with her classical repertoire.

“The best things are that you can get practice playing outside, explore different parts of the city and help raise money for different charities,” she told us. “The worst thing is the unpredictable weather. The other day, I was worried that the strong wind on Millennium Bridge would snap my bow or blow it away. I also noticed that a lot of children seem interested in buskers but their parents are usually in a hurry.”

A new child sponsor

But Grace isn’t just busking for us. She has become one of our youngest child sponsors as well. “I thought it would be nice to get to know someone in a different country who is my age.” Grace will be able to see the impact her support is making, through the eyes of the child she is sponsoring. She can look forward to receiving regular updates about their progress at school, their family life and developments in the community.

We would like to thank Grace for showing that even our youngest supporters can make a huge difference to the communities that we are working with.