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Brenda's Story


Right now, across rural Africa there are thousands of girls not getting the education they deserve.

Brenda was forced to study in an unsafe classroom. Her teachers didn’t have the training they needed to deliver engaging lessons. And her friends often missed school when they were on their period because the school lacked proper toilets. 

“We would study under the trees or in unsafe classrooms. Since my school had almost no desks, it prevented many of us from concentrating in class.”
The “unsafe classrooms” had holes in the roof, and Brenda and her classmates were exposed to the elements. Intense sun, or violent rain, would disrupt lessons and make it impossible for children to learn.
And every month, Brenda and her friends had even more to worry about.
“Many girls were reluctant to stay at school when they were on their period, because the toilets for girls were not good enough.”
Girls across sub-Saharan Africa struggle to manage their periods hygienically and with dignity. A lack of sanitary towels, clean water and separate toilet facilities leaves them susceptible to infections and even ridicule from fellow students. Girls are forced to miss up to a week of school every month, just because they are on their period.
At Brenda’s school, Build Africa have built a classroom block with offices, staff rooms, a store and a library so children can learn in a safe and productive environment.
We drilled a borehole to provide clean water for sanitation, hygiene and drinking at school. And we built new, private toilets for girls, so they can manage their periods and stay in school.
Brenda’s moving story demonstrates the difference your support can make. She now has the foundations in place to build her future.
Right now, across rural Kenya and Uganda there are thousands of girls, just like Brenda, who desperately need your help. They deserve an education. They deserve a brighter future. But we can’t reach them without your support.
By donating this Christmas, you can help more children, like Brenda, get the education, and future, they deserve.