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An early start is the best start

In the UK we take the benefits and joys of pre-school education for granted, but in parts of Africa too many children start school without any concept of education, without knowing what to expect and without the confidence they need to do well.

At Build Africa we know that learning through play during a child’s early years makes all the difference and greatly reduces the number of children underachieving in class or dropping out of school altogether.

On this year’s International Day of the African Child, 16 June 2014, Build Africa is launching an appeal to raise £100,000 to improve early learning opportunities for children in Uganda, which has the second highest primary school drop-out rate in the world.

This money will allow Build Africa to:

  • Train teachers so they can better support young children approaching their first day at school
  • Provide reading and numeracy materials so schools have the resources required for effective child engagement
  • Develop buddy clubs and peer leadership schemes, so older children can support those just starting school
  • Establish and equip parents clubs, helping those with young children to support their cognitive and learning development at home before they start school and during early years of primary.

Over 6,000 young children will benefit from this work, many of whom are from among the most disadvantaged groups, such as child-headed households and those with disabilities. These children’s families and communities will also benefit from improved education, for many generations to come.