1. What we do
  2. Our impact of our work

Our impact of our work

Last year we reached 200,000 people across rural Africa:

  • We helped vulnerable girls access a better education at 72 schools on the Kenyan coast 

  • We worked with 65 schools in Uganda to improve early learning for young children 

  • 92% of girls we worked with in Kwale, Kenya felt better protected from violence and abuse 

  • We gave 4000 parents at 60 savings and loans groups in Kenya access to vital basic financial services to provide for their families 

  • We supported 40 schools in Uganda to help children return to education after they had been forced to drop out 

  • We changed negative cultural attitudes to education – 86% of parents we worked with in Kumi, Uganda rated school as a new priority for their children 

  • We established 11 farmers' networks in Kenya, helping farmers learn new skills, get better access to markets and feed their families on a secure income
  • We created strong role models – 83% of girls we helped in coastal Kenya reported better self-esteem and knowledge of important life skills