1. What we do
  2. Our approach

Our approach

Build Africa has over 20 years' experience of fighting poverty through education and working with communities at a grassroots level to address the unique problems their children face.

We know that education has the power to transform a child's life, give them a more prosperous and healthy future, and help their entire community beat poverty and inequality. Put simply, an education can change everything. So we work hard to give every child the opportunities they need and make sure that nothing stands in their way.

Our model

Build Africa has one ultimate goal: Every child in school. Every child learning.

Our work aims to improve access to education for children and the quality of education that they receive. To do this, each of our projects works towards one or more of our three outcomes:

  • No child denied an education
  • Every child in school gets the chance to learn
  • Every child leaves school with the skills they need

No child denied an education

We aim to help children overcome the barriers that prevent them from going to school, including tackling inequality in their community and working with parents to provide for their families.

  • We help parents to earn a secure living, so they can support their children through school, and enable farming families to grow more sustainable crops and get a fair price for their work.
  • We support families to learn basic financial skills and access community-based savings and loans groups.
  • We work with community leaders and families to help them better value education and to nurture each child’s development at home and in the community, as well as at school.
  • We tackle discrimination within communities, helping girls, minorities and vulnerable children overcome the inequalities that can prevent them from going to school.

Every child in school gets the chance to learn

We aim to help children have the best possible education during their time at school in a safe and engaging environment.

  • We make sure schools are safe and accessible by working to renovate and construct classrooms, libraries, staffrooms and kitchens, as well as improve access to clean drinking water, hygienic toilets and sanitation.
  • We help schools to access engaging learning resources, inspiring text books and educational games to help children get the most out of their time at school.
  • We support every school to meet the needs of every child, making sure that materials and teaching methods are accessible to children with disabilities, and that girls aren’t held back by anything from cultural attitudes to poor toilets during their period.

Every child leaves school with the skills they need

We aim to help children learn the skills they need from well-trained and properly supported teachers, so that they can leave school with an education to match their ambition.

  • We train teachers in child-focused teaching methods appropriate for each age group and connect them through collaborative networks to solve problems, making sure staff are motivated and well supported.
  • We help establish and monitor school policies and practices that promote and protect the welfare of children and teachers.
  • We ensure children learn important health, relationship and life skills so they have the power to make better decisions and become successful after leaving school.


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