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UNICEF partnership

UNICEF partnership to improving management practices at schools across rural Uganda

A well-managed school is a sustainable school.

For the past year, Build Africa has been working in partnership with UNICEF on a pilot project to improve important but often missing management practices at 60 schools across the Ngora and Kiryandongo districts of Uganda.

We have been working together to ensure each school is properly collecting data and making decisions based on evidence. This means each school is now delivering a full curriculum, has proper planning and management policies in place and that teachers are using effective and engaging child-friendly methods. All so that schools are able to meet the needs of every child in their care.

Of the 158 teachers we worked with, 100% were able to successfully demonstrate the use of more accessible teaching methods. An incredible achievement and we’re delighted with the success so far.

As a result of this powerful trial, both Build Africa and UNICEF have agreed to continue the project at 30 schools in Kiryandongo, where the need is greatest, for a second year.