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Preparing for Secondary School

The second phase of a project working with children and their parents to ensure students receive vital support during their final years and leaving exams - so they can get a complete primary education and make a successful move to secondary school.


  • Project: Nepepe
  • Area: Bukedea, Uganda 
  • Beneficiaries: Children attending school, parents and teachers 
  • Reach: 420 children, 630 parents and 20 teachers at 10 schools
  • Duration: 1 year


This pilot project will combine the strongest interventions and lessons learned from across our work to support children in upper primary school as they take their first steps towards secondary education.


  • Parents are equipped with practical skills in how to manage their finances and engage in their children's education
  • Children are passing their primary exams and proceeding to secondary school with the skills they need to stay in education
  • Teachers are equipped with the skills they need to provide targeted support to their pupils

By helping parents and teachers support students during their final years and critical leaving exams, children will be able to successfully complete primary school with the skills they need and will be well prepared to move on to secondary education.