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Improving early education

In July 2017 we were halfway through Build Africa’s three year early education project in Eastern Uganda, known as the ILEAP Project. We took the time to pause, assess the project’s impact with an independent review – making sure we were on track to create lasting change for children in Uganda’s Ngora District.

Backed by the Big Lottery Fund, ILEAP seeks to help parents, teachers and older students support the youngest and most vulnerable children – giving them the best possible start during their critical first few years at school. The project aims to build a valuable support network and provide the tools and skills to build a solid foundation for their future education.

During the first half of the project significant progress was made across all project areas.

Academic performance

The number of boys and girls able to pass a literacy and numeracy test increased from 7% for girls and 10% for boys to 21% and 22% respectively.

Teaching quality

The percentage of teachers whose observed lessons met a minimum standard of both child friendly and good quality teaching methods increased from 47% to 72%.

Parents and older students

The support network provided by parents at home and older children at school grew stronger. Parents who could list at least three ways in which they’d supported their child’s learning over the previous month increased from 0 to 31%, while the percentage of young children citing bullying as a reason not to go to school decreased from 56% to 35%.

Community feedback

However, it’s the opinions and views of the community themselves that were the most valuable when assessing our progress.

 “The training I received from the project has turned me into an active and creative person in the teaching and learning process. Through this work we are encouraged to be active and engage the many children in the lower classes.”

Teacher, Ngora Primary School

 “Every child has a textbook. Pictures in the textbook attract and motivate learners, and they can predict what the pictures are about or what is going to be taught.” 

Deputy Head Teacher, Ngora New PS

“There has been improved reading compared to the earlier days. The P2 pupils can read a story in Atesot better than those in P3 and P4.” 

Teacher, Ngora New Primary School

We will continue with this powerful project until the end of 2018, working with 40 school communities to ensure that every child gets vital support they need at the start of their journey through education.