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EPG Insurance supports Kagumu Primary School

New early childhood development classroom at Kagumu

EPG Insurance Services have pledged further support for Kagumu Primary School in rural Kenya, where the company has already funded a pre-school class project.

To celebrate the official opening of the pre-school class, EPG Chief Executive, John Shepherd, and Sales & Marketing Manager, Holly Shepherd, recently visited the school.

"The pre-school class project at Kagumu is one we elected to support partly because of the acute vulnerability of the young children here", explained Holly, "They need a safe, clean, dust-free learning environment, and we hope EPG's ongoing funding will also help meet Kagumu Primary School's future needs, such as additional classrooms, extra latrines, a rainwater harvesting system to provide fresh clean and safe water, teacher training and the provision of teaching resources".

During their visit, John and Holly were able to sit in on a class at Kagumu, witnessing first-hand some of the challenges that EPG are helping this school community to overcome. Meanwhile, they were also treated to a variety of entertainment, with singing and dancing by an array of talented children and their parents. As part of their trip, John and Holly also visited neighbouring Morop Primary School. Having seen the acute need for water here, EPG Insurance Services have now also committed to fund the installation of water tanks and guttering at this school.