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Build Africa online shop undergoes makeover

Exclusive Build Africa 'Merry Christmas' card features children from our projects in Africa

The Build Africa online shop has undergone a makeover, and just in time for the Festive Season.

The shop not only boasts a brand new look but also new Alternative Gifts, Christmas card designs and the launch of the exclusive Build Africa ‘Merry Christmas’ card, featuring children from our projects in Kenya and Uganda.

As well as the new products to choose from, the revamped shop also sees the return of perennial best-sellers; including cards with exclusive artwork from Sarah Markes, and the Build Africa Bag For Life.

This year we are also offering a personalisation service for orders over 100 of the exclusive Build Africa ‘Merry Christmas’ card. The card can be customised with your name, message, address and – if required – business logo. Every purchase supports our work with children and their communities in Kenya and Uganda.

This year’s Alternative Gifts range from solar lamps which bring light to rural communities that lack electricity, to teacher training which ensures that teachers are well equipped to provide children with a quality education. These practical gifts really do make a difference: without sanitary protection, girls cannot go to school. They miss one week out of every month, and eventually fall so far behind that they drop out, or are too embarrassed to continue going to school. With sanitary protection girls can attend school every week of every month, are able to complete school providing them with greater opportunities for their future.

Head over to the Build Africa shop now – www.buildafricashop.org – to get shopping!