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Sanitation for Girls

Helping girls and female teachers to access safe water and sanitation, so they are no longer forced to stay at home during their period.


  • Project: The Heshima Project
  • Area: Kwale, Kenya
  • Beneficiaries: Children attending school
  • Reach: 3,200 children (50% girls) per cluster of schools
  • Duration: 1 year


Children are staying healthy at school with clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.


  • Each school has the right water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and is able to maintain them
  • Children understand the link between hygiene and staying healthy
  • Girls can manage their menstrual health with dignity

Without safe water and clean sanitation, girls in rural areas can miss up to a week of lessons every month - causing many to fall behind and even drop out. By changing community attitudes towards girls and their period, discrimination and bullying can also be reduced.

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