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Quality Education in Kwale

Improving access and quality of education for children in Kwale, Kenya - giving them the chance to finish school with the skills they need for fulfilling lives.


  • Project: Subject Excellence Squared
  • Area: Kwale, Kenya
  • Beneficiaries: Children attending school
  • Reach: Approx 55,000 men, women and children, as well as teachers
  • Duration: 2.5 years


Children in rural Kwale enrolling, staying in school and getting a quality education.


  • Children are enrolling in school and staying there
  • Teachers have the right tools to teach children
  • Teachers have the right skills to teach children

Children must have all these things at once in order to receive a quality education. It doesn’t matter if the teaching is good if no one is there to learn, or children are in school but not learning while they are there.

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