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Literacy for young mothers

Helping young mums learn basic literacy and numeracy skills in Western Uganda, where a low female literacy rate is having a devastating effect on child welfare and infant mortality.

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  • Project: Parallel Learning Project
  • Area: Masindi, Uganda
  • Beneficiaries: Young mums (age 19-29) with young children
  • Reach: Approx 2,200 young mums, 2,000 young men and 15,000 children
  • Duration: 3 years


Young mothers can read, write and take care of their children. They can also play a more active role in their homes and communities.


  • Young mums have a safe space they can go to access training and health care services for themselves and their children
  • Young women learn how to read and write as they learn good child care techniques and how to use some of their new skills at home to support their family
  • Communities actively support young mothers to play an active role at home and in their communities

If a mother can read, her child is 50% more likely to live past age five. She will be better able to provide for her children, make sure they are vaccinated against preventable diseases and enrol them in school. She will also have the skills and confidence she needs to speak out in her community and fight for the opportunities her family deserve.

Contact Sonja Lawrence on [email protected] or +44 (0) 1892 519619 for more information.