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The Kwale Girls Project

Helping disadvantaged girls get a good education and overcome barriers such as child marriage and discrimination that can stop them going to school. This project is delivered in partnership with The Big Lottery Fund and Comic Relief.



  •  Project: The Kwale Girls Project
  • Area: Kwale District, Kenya
  • Beneficiaries: Girls both in and out of school, teachers, parents, boys and community members 
  • Reach: 26,020 primary school aged girls, 724 teachers and school staff members, 37,481 parents and boys and community members 
  • Duration: 3 years


To promote positive community attitudes towards girls' education and improve the quality of support for the most disadvantaged girls.


  • Communities have the knowledge and skills to address violence and abuse against girls
  • Communities understand the value of educating girls
  • Girls understand the opportunities available to them and increase their aspirations 
  • Adoption of child friendly and gender sensitive teaching methods 
Girls will receive additional support at school, meaning they achieve more academically. Their parents will have a more positive attitude towards their daughters’ education and reduce any pressure to marry young. Girls will ultimately understand their rights and will learn how to take more control of their futures.

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