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Early Years: Western Uganda

Helping improve the support network for the youngest and most vulnerable students - so they get best possible start during their critical first few years at school.

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  • Project: EQUAL
  • Area: North West Uganda
  • Beneficiaries: children attending school, parents and teachers 
  • Reach: 10,604 children, 9,604 parents and 60 teachers
  • Duration: 3 years


Children in the first three years of primary school have the fundamental skills they need to support their future learning and development.


  • Skilled, resourced and engaged teachers provide quality education for the younger children
  • Parents providing increased support to their children, supporting their learning at home
  • Vulnerable children will receive better support and guidance from teachers and peers, reducing the number of children falling behind in their learning

As a result of this project, vulnerable children will benefit from better quality teaching, improved home learning environments and less bullying and violence. They will have more support from older students, teachers and parents, leading to improvements in their development, increased completion rates and less children repeating years at school.

Contact Sonja Lawrence on [email protected] or +44 (0) 1892 519619 for more information.