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Early Years: Eastern Uganda

Helping parents, teachers and older students to support the youngest and most vulnerable children - giving them the best possible start during their critical first few years at school.



  • Project: ILEAP
  • Area: Ngora District, Eastern Uganda
  • Beneficiaries: Children attending school, teachers, parents and school management committee members
  • Reach: 23,675 pupils in the first three years of primary school, 4,000 older pupils, 3,504 parents and 160 teachers
  • Duration: 3 years


Young boys and girls receive both academic and social support for their learning in school and at home.


  • Skilled and inspired teachers who provide quality, child friendly teaching
  • Older children mentoring younger children providing learning and emotional support 
  • Parents supporting childrens education at home, ensuring children are prepared for school 
The project will build a valuable support network around the youngest school children. By providing teachers and parents with the tools and skills to support early learning, they can establish a positive start for children at their start of their education journey. 

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