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Water at school changes everything

Across rural Uganda, children have to walk huge distances from their school just to find safe water. If they don’t, they are susceptible to diseases and illnesses such as cholera and diarrhoea and often fall behind or drop out of school.

With your help, nine water tanks were installed in four schools in Bukedea, Uganda, giving 2,890 students access to clean drinking water. While boreholes were drilled at two schools benefitting children, teachers and parents.

“Before Build Africa built the borehole we would have to walk a long distance to the swamp to get water. It took a long time to get there and we would miss classes. We had to share the swamp with the community, and one time I fought with some of the people from the village as we struggled for water. It was really scary.

Now that we have a borehole at the school things have changed. During break time we can get water easily, and we don’t struggle the way we used to, so we can attend lessons on time. We use the water for drinking and in the washrooms when we need to shower.”

With access to safe drinking water on the school grounds pupils are more likely to stay healthy, attend school and get the education they deserve.

“I think it is important to study because we can get knowledge and learn how to respect others. It can help you improve the status of your family. When I grow up I want to be a nurse to treat the sick.” Faith, 15 years old, Kumi, Uganda