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A teacher's perspective on school transformations

My name is Ruto Raymond and I am a Senior Teacher from Eburru, Kenya. These are some of the changes that I have seen at my school since Build Africa starting working with us.

Build Africa has built and renovated classes at the school. This has reduced congestion in the classes. The old classrooms used to have dust which gave the children colds and flu, but the new classrooms have stopped this.

They have also built a water tank which we use to harness water for both teachers and the pupils. Now that they have access to water in school, the pupils don’t have to carry water from home, which means they don't get tired and have to miss lessons.

Teachers have gained a lot of knowledge through training seminars conducted by Build Africa on different subjects. Build Africa also put up an administration block for teachers which has made teachers' work easier, and they now have somewhere to store revision books.

Pupils have improved in co-curriculum activities as Build Africa have provided sports equipment for them to play with.

They have also provided sanitary towels for girls which has reduced absenteeism for girls during their menstruation period. As a matter of fact, girls'  attendance is higher than the boys. The girls are very much motivated; they feel more comfortable during their monthly periods and hence their concentration in class has improved.

The sanitary towels have also improved the girls participation in co-curriculum activities, and this has boosted their performance. Now that we have water in the school, girls enjoy personal hygiene, which boosts their self esteem.

I hope that our school will produce well disciplined pupils who will be very reliable and responsible citizens.

Ruto Raymond