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Menstruation matters

Lack of sanitation facilities at school affects all children. But without safe water and clean sanitation, girls can be forced to miss up to a week of lessons every month just because they are on their period.

By constructing latrines and providing clean water facilities we can ensure girls stay in school and can access the education they deserve.

With the help of our supporters eight latrines and eight water tanks were built at four schools in the Kwale district in 2018. Meaning that 3,200 children are now staying healthy at school with clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities. And girls are no longer having to miss out on school when they are on their period.

Neema, a Standard 8 pupil from Kwale, Kenya said: “Before, the girls used to go home to change and in most cases would not come back to school until the next day or even when their periods are over but now a changing room is readily available with water where girls can change and go back to class.”

John Fikirini, a Head Teacher from Kwale, Kenya said: “Providing safe and separate sanitation facilities for girls is one of the key factors that has greatly boosted school attendance, particularly during their periods.”