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"If I hadn't attended the training I would be in the grave."

Peter is a farmer, and the father of three young children. Before joining our Farmers Network Project in 2016, he struggled to make ends meet. 

My name is Peter and I am 35 years old.

Build Africa came in 2016. They had a training in the church and I decided to attend. It was a 2 day training, that’s how I got to know about the project. I was taught about dairy farming and I learnt a lot.

I had a cow, and I learnt that if I did the dairy farming the way I was trained, there is potential to make much more money. 

If I hadn't attended the training I would be in the grave. If there’s nothing else you think you can do, you do things that are criminal or illegal. And then you get shot, or you get arrested. 

There’s so much change from the training I got. I now have 3 cows, and I have 2 calves that have just been born, so in total I have 5 cows now. This is what Build Africa has taught me to do since I started interacting with them. This is how now I’m expanding my farming business. 

Recently Build Africa arranged a learning trip to KARI (Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute). They had a forum for farmers and I was one of the farmers who benefitted and I went and learnt a lot. I am benefitting because of these avenues to learn more about my farming.

I have 3 children, aged 8, 11 and 12. 

They love my farming, because right now things like milk we drink at home. When I have chickens they eat eggs at home before they go to school. It has made them feel like learning is enjoyable because when they leave home they’ve eaten, and when they come home there’s something to eat. 

I help them with homework when they’re at home. I am now more capable in providing what is required in school. When they’re sent home and they’re told ‘tomorrow you need to bring..’ whatever levies, I am able to provide because I have money in my pocket. They do not stay at home because their levies are delayed.

I want to educate my children, I want them to reach the highest levels they can, and I don’t want them to become a burden on anybody. So, if they get an education, I know they’ll have a brighter future.