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Helping young mums

Parents are the first educators of their children. Thanks to your generous support we’re teaching 2,243 young mums in Uganda critical literacy and childcare skills so they can better support their child’s development.

The curriculum for the life skills sessions has been developed to help young mothers play a bigger role in their homes and communities, using their new literacy and numeracy skills.

“I am nineteen years old. My son, Jacob is one year old, I was eighteen when I had him. I am married but we have separated and so I have come home. After separating the greatest challenge I am facing is how to take care of my baby, and provide him with medicine.

I had to drop out of school because my mum is a widow and she couldn’t afford to pay my school fees. When my baby grows up I will fight hard and ensure that he pushes on with his education. I don’t want Jacob to leave school early like I did.

This is my first time coming to the Change the Story project, and I am very happy. I am now a member of the Village Savings and Loan Association.

I have challenges at home with buying soap, clothing and medication for my child. After doing the savings group I am hoping I will be able to buy these things.” Vicky, young mother, Oyam, Uganda

The Change the Story Project is funded by UK Aid Match from the Department for International Development.