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The future is bright

Build Africa has been supporting Mbombo Primary School since 2011. To date we have worked with the school and community to build four complete classrooms, eight latrines and three water tanks to harvest rain water.

“What I enjoy most in Mbombo is peace. There is a lot of peace which is characterised by the love evident through learners, parents and teachers. I am proud to have more than eight former pupils from Mbombo in the University.

My dreams and hopes about Mbombo are that it will grow to be a force to reckon with academically. I dream and hope to double the University admission from Mbombo primary.

The classroom renovation and furniture provision have boosted pupils' and teachers' morale.

The pupils were very appreciative because they now have a cement floor and the two renovated classes are easy to clean. The environment is conducive to store learning aids and display in classes.

The new desks have created a conducive learning environment. Pupils are able to write well on a very flat top (the desk) improving their hand writing."

Benard Ndegwa, Head Teacher, Gilgil, Kenya

“I like our classrooms which are quite spacious. They look beautiful. They make me motivated to learn because they are very warm which makes me and my friends comfortable especially during the rainy season.

I want to be a doctor when I leave school.”

Ann, Standard 8 pupil, Gilgil, Kenya