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A Farmer’s Perspective

A Farmer’s Perspective
A Farmer’s Perspective

Lawrence Baguma, a maize farmer from the Masindi District of Uganda, tells us about his involvement with the Build a Farm Programme in 2008.

“There has been a big difference since Build Africa came to us. Because of their support I have succeeded. The extension worker has trained me in better farming methods. We now receive the seeds on time and have improved the spacing of seeds when we plant. We also know how to treat plants affected by disease and how to store the maize better.

After the first season I saved 50,000 Ugandan Shillings. With the money I will begin to build a new house for my family. I have also bought a Fresian cow which I call Joseph. It is only one year and four months old, too young to supply milk at the moment; but I hope it will produce a can of milk per day next year. We will drink some of the milk and use some for money making.

My children now have food for school. I sell some maize but I also use some to feed the family. As well as maize they eat cassava, potatoes, sweet potatoes and rice. As my business grows I will buy more cows and I hope to finish building my house next year to give my family a proper home.

Thank you Build Africa for the support you have given me.”