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Education is a journey

John, Community Based Trainer, Masindi, Uganda

We know that education has the power to transform a child’s life and give them a more prosperous and healthy future. Put simply, an education can change everything – so we work hard to give every child the opportunities they need to become successful after leaving school.

“I started studying at this primary school in 2008. There was nothing here then. The place was really bushy and we had a grass thatched house to learn in. We would try to learn but the winds would come and carry off the roof. When it rained our books would get ruined and it was really hard to concentrate.

Build Africa came here in 2010. Since then they have built proper classrooms, drilled a borehole so there’s now clean water and they also cleared a field for football.

Studying was not very easy for me but we had good teachers who encouraged us to learn. I admired the staff of Build Africa when they came here and I knew I should work hard so I could reach where they are.

After leaving primary school I studied my O Level at secondary school and then I went to a school in Masindi for A Level. I wanted to join university but my parents couldn’t afford to send me. I had luck and a chance to work with Build Africa as a Community Based Trainer. I am now helping young mothers learn how to read and write.

I am gaining so much knowledge because I am working with people in the community and creating friendships. I love my job, and I still hope to go to university one day.

I would like to tell pupils now that they should work hard and not lose hope. Education is a long journey, but when you persevere you will achieve your goal.”

John Community Based Trainer, Masindi, Uganda