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School Linking Programme

School linking provides a unique opportunity to transform the lives of children in both the UK and Africa. Your students will learn about important international issues, and provide life-changing support to a partner school in rural Africa.

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What can your students learn?

Establishing an international school link gives your students important awareness of global issues:

  • Our letter exchange programme improves students’ knowledge and understanding of other cultures, the wider world and their own role as global citizens
  • Students can discuss the issues that affect their lives, build relationships, and a respect for diversity
  • They can also benefit from unique teaching resources that add a new dimension to lessons
  • Your students will gain a better understanding of the work of charities and non-profits, helping them prepare creative fundraising activities

Students visit a school in rural Uganda

How we'll support you

For a minimum donation of £800 a year we will link you with a primary school in an area where we work, and help you to develop a long-term and productive partnership. We will provide:

  • An incredible opportunity for teachers and students to visit their linked school in Africa*
  • A full profile of your linked school, with photographs and case studies
  • Bi-annual letters from your linked school, as part of the letter exchange programme
  • Feedback from your linked school, so you can see the difference your support is making
  • A fundraising kit and ongoing fundraising support
  • Free school resources, including lesson plans designed by teachers to explore the culture of sub-Saharan Africa and the issues faced by schools
  • Inclusion in our regular newsletter, keeping you up to date with developments in our work and fundraising

Become a linked school

Interested in linking your school? Click to register online, or email [email protected] and we'll send you everything you need to get started.

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* Minimum donation required.