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Key Stage 3

Lesson plan overview

Lesson 1

L.O: Build on prior knowledge of Africa and identify the similarities and differences to the UK
Introductory lesson finding out what pupils already know about Africa, building on prior knowledge and challenging misconceptions. They will use information provided to compare the UK to Uganda and Kenya. Pupils will find and discuss the similarities and differences between the countries and the daily routines of children in Africa compared to children in the UK.

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Lesson 2

L.O: Explore obstacles that affect development in Africa
Pupils will focus on one of the six main problems affecting development in Africa (HIV and AIDS, Gender Equality, Food Security, Sanitation, Health and Water). Pupils will use the internet to research how these problems may impact on daily life and produce and present a poster explaining how the problem acts as a barrier for development.

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Lesson 3

L.O: Plan and deliver an argument for debate on helping development in Africa
Pupils will read a case study on an African girl who has been helped by Build Africa and identify problems that were present at her primary school and how they were overcome. In small groups, pupils will then take on a stance for a debate based on helping development in Africa (eg. Should we give aid to people in Africa? Is Education the most important way to help development?)

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Lesson 4

L.O: Raise Awareness for Build Africa through drama
Pupils will identify the importance and benefits of Education for the students, the family and the country. In small groups, children will then create a TV advert raising awareness about Build Africa and the importance of education and development.

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