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Key Stage 2

Lesson plan overview

Lesson 1

L.O: Use maps at a range of scales to find out about a country
This lesson enables the children to use political and topographical maps to find out about Kenya or Uganda. The children will use the maps to identify particular areas/places and discuss the pros and cons of the different maps. They will then use these maps to find and trace specific features onto their own blank map.

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Lesson 2

L.O: Use photographs to investigate what schools are like in parts of Kenya and Uganda
In this lesson, children will act out/read a television interview of two children from rural Uganda and Kenya. They will also look at photographs and discuss and write the similarities and differences of life in the UK compared to life in rural Kenya or Uganda from what they have heard, read and seen.

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Lesson 3

L.O: Investigate causes and effects of problems faced by children in parts of Kenya and Uganda
This lesson investigates the lives of two children living in Kenya and Uganda. Firstly, children will identify the problems that these two children face and discuss the effects that these problems might have on that child and their future. Children will complete a ‘cause and effects’ diagram to show their thoughts and findings.

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Lesson 4

L.O: Through drama, explore solutions to the problems that schools in parts of Kenya and Uganda face
Continuing from the previous lesson, children will look at the problems faced by schools in rural Kenya and Uganda. Together in groups of 3, children will take on one role within the school’s management committee. They will write down and discuss the problems that they are facing and bring them to a whole class committee meeting. Children will consider and discuss which problems need to be prioritised and find possible solutions.

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