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Key Stage 1

Lesson plan overview

Lesson 1

L.O: Use photographs to find out about a foreign country
In this lesson, the children will be introduced to a world map and have a go at identifying specific countries. They will make comparisons between hot /cold and rural/urban areas using photographs provided. For the main activity, the children will look more closely at photographs of Kenya and Uganda. They will think of questions they would like to know the answers to, and have a go at answering the questions themselves.

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Lesson 2

L.O: Find similarities and differences between the life of a child in our partner school and my life in the UK
This lesson uses photographs to explore the similarities and differences between life in the UK and in rural Kenya and Uganda. The children will imagine what it would be like to live in a rural village in Africa and read what the African children tell us about their hobbies and daily routines, making comparisons where possible.

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Lesson 3

L.O: Use drama to explore some of the problems that children face in going to school in parts of Kenya and Uganda
In this lesson, children will learn about the lives of two African children through use of a script and actions, which the whole class can participate in. The children will then go on a tour of their own school. The teacher is provided with pictures from around a rural school in Africa to show the children at each stop (playground, classroom, toilets, etc) which the children can use to make comparisons to their own school.

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Lesson 4

L.O: Find solutions to problems faced by schools in Uganda and Kenya
Children will work in small groups to look at the problems faced by children living in areas of rural Kenya and Uganda. They will work in pairs in their group to think of and discuss sensible solutions to the problems presented to them on the ‘Problem Picture’ cards.

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