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Teachers' resources

Support your fundraising for Build Africa with activities in the classroom that will give pupils an unforgettable insight into life in a rural African school.

We've got a great selection of resources to help you get started. From free curriculum-based lesson plans and educational school games to ready-made school presentations, this section has materials to help students really understand the cause they are supporting. You can bring the world into your classroom by linking with a school in Kenya or Uganda through our School Linking Programme.

Every pound makes a difference!

  • £350 could pay for community engagement sessions for one year, so rural communities can get involved in their school and have a say in how it’s run.
  • £900 could set up a support group for teachers in one school, enabling them to share and improve their skills so they can inspire their students.
  • £1,350 could help start a “buddying-up” scheme at one school, training older students and pairing them with younger ones so children receive the support they need from the moment they start education.
  • £2,550 could pay for curriculum-based text books and learning resources for a whole school, so children are able to understand their subject, revise for exams and successfully finish primary school.
  • £17,550 could sink a borehole for one school in a drought-prone area, giving children and teachers access to safe, clean water all year round, helping protect them from illness.
  • £19,500 could build an office block for teachers, including a stationary cupboard, providing a stable and productive environment for them to do their marking and administration work.

Take a look at our School Fundraising Resources where you can download the A - Z of School Fundraising Ideas, Penny Guessing Game, sponsorship forms and posters. Don't forget you can also ask us for printed copies of the fundraising pack, as well as Build Africa balloons for your events.

For more information about fundraising at school please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0)1892 519 619. We'll only use the information you provide to deal with your request.