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Link with a school in Africa

Bring the world into your classroom!

School linking provides a unique opportunity for your students to learn about life in rural Kenya and Uganda, while giving vital support to their partner school. 

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What can your students learn?

Our school linking programme improves students’ knowledge and understanding of other cultures, the wider world and their own role as global citizens. Students can discuss the issues that affect their lives, build relationships, and a respect for diversity. Fundraising is a fantastic way to develop skills, build confidence and become empassioned about a cause, and we are sure your students will be thrilled to get involved.

What you'll get 

You could have the opportunity to visit your linked school, and see firsthand the difference that your support is making.

You could also have a presentation at your school by Build Africa staff.

Your students will be able to take part in an annual letter exchange with their linked school.

They'll have the chance to share stories about their lives, find out what it is like to learn in rural Africa, and talk to their pen pal about their hopes and dreams for the future. 

As a teacher, you'll have access to lesson plans designed by teachers, exploring the culture of sub-Saharan Africa and the issues faced by schools.


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