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Women 4 Women Initiative

Build Africa’s Women 4 Women Initiative is a celebration of our work to improve education and opportunities for women and girls in rural Africa.

The Women 4 Women initiative connects influential UK women with our powerful gender projects in Kenya and Uganda, through both educational and community projects.

Education projects

Ensuring that girls access and complete their education is a vital part of what we do. Our multi-stranded projects have included:

  • Helping both girls and boys to understand their rights and relationships within the community.
  • Creating safeguarding frameworks and supporting girls to report cases of neglect and abuse when they occur.
  • Training teachers in accessible and inclusive methods that address the unique problems faced by girls in their community.
  • Tackling taboos around menstrual health and sharing skills such as making reusable sanitary towels.
  • Improving sanitation with well-built latrines and clean water supplies so that young women and girls can have privacy and dignity while at school, as well as better hygiene.

Community projects

We also support women in the community with projects that include:

  • Helping women gain financial independence through our VSLA Scheme (Village Savings and Loans Association) that gives access to community-based credit to invest in their livelihoods and families.
  • Supporting young mothers, who have already been denied an education, to learn vital literacy, numeracy and life skills that will help them provide for their family and support their children’s education.
  • Working with communities to challenge negative cultural attitudes towards women and girls, including tackling the acceptance of violence against women.

Get involved

We are currently working on a new strategy to optimise our Women 4 Women initiative, including exciting new events for women in business. 

If you are passionate about gender equality, and are interested in getting involved, please email [email protected] or call 01892 519 619 and we will be in touch with our exciting plans for 2020 soon.