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Bear Grylls Ultimate Survivor Race

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survivor Race

When: Saturday 30 September 2017 | Where: London, UK


Registration fee: £50 (plus booking fee)
Minimum sponsorship: £200
(Your commitment explained)

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

The Bear Grylls Survival Race grand finale is 30 kilometres of pure survival adventure!

Created by Bear Grylls and his team of mountain and survival experts, this is a 30k course like no other with 100+ obstacles and 10 survival challenges in each of the Survival Zones – each one as difficult as the next.

This race is only for the most seasoned of athletes. Strength, agility, balance, resourcefulness and determination are just a few of the attributes required to complete these gruelling tasks.

The 30km race will truly separate the Ultimate Survivors from the Survivors (ages 16+).

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