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Water and sanitation

Poor and remote villages of Kenya and Uganda are badly affected by the lack of clean, safe water. Many people get their water from streams and rivers that are used for drinking as well as washing, cleaning and irrigation. They are, more often than not, contaminated with excrement, making them breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Clean and safe water

Sickness, child mortality, school absenteeism. Without access to clean and safe water, members of the schools we support suffer, when the circumstances can be easily remedied. 

A borehole supports up to 1,500 children and adults providing them with safe drinking water. Children no longer have to walk long distances to fetch and carry water. Sickness from water borne diseases is reduced, and absenteeism from teachers and pupils dramatically lowers. A borehole which brings incredible change to a community costs £7,900


Most of the sanitation facilities at the schools we support are extremely poor and there are frequently no separate toilets for boys and girls. Typically, there are as many as 99 children per latrine stance, far exceeding even the national recommended average of 16:1.

Illness, due to poor sanitation, is a huge cause of absenteeism. In addition, many older girls drop out of school because poor toilet facilities mean that they do not have the privacy they require, especially at certain times of the month.

The construction of a four-door latrine block costs £3,300.

The children attending Build Africa’s partner schools in Kenya and Uganda are eager to learn. We hope that you and your school can help provide them with the facilities they need to to stay in school and complete their education.

For more information about partnering a school in Africa please contact Deirdre at schools@build-africa.org.uk or call 01892 519619.

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