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Build a school in Kenya

Build a school in Kenya

We currently work in 34 communities in Kenya, our work reaching over 13,000 children in these areas. But, there are still hundreds of schools throughout the country which need funding.

Why build a school with Build Africa?

We believe that the value of a classroom is not just the bricks and mortar but what happens inside of it. Many organisations do not design their programmes to support the continuing education of the children. This is where Build Africa differs.

We make sure that the schools we build in Kenya are built using good quality materials and adhere to Kenyan government standards. We employ local contractors in Kenya to build all of our schools which helps the local economy and encourages the community to take an interest in education and their children's' development. But our involvement does not end there.

We encourage the school community to realise that building an education for their children does not finish with the construction of their school. Through teacher training, child safety, good health and happiness we help the entire community become empowered and take ownership of their school, ensuring its success for a long time to come.

We support our schools for at least three years and monitor them until they are financially self-sufficient to give each and every child the best possible chance that once they have the opportunity to be educated, that opportunity is not taken away.

Building a school with Build Africa is building an education for the future.

We have identified 4 schools which are in urgent need of support.